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We’re winding down to the end of the semester and with Thanksgiving over and finals approaching.  Students are going to be hunkered down making the last push on papers and test prep, and as such it’s probably going to be a slow couple of news days.

ask_me_anything_reddit_logo (1)For those of you who are techno wonks, you may be aware of the website Reddit, which has a subsection called AMA (Ask Me Anything).  People go online and start a thread telling a little about themselves, then offering AMA (ask me anything).  I checked recently and saw titles like these: “I am a career waiter who clears 100k/year working in a restaurant in Beverly Hills. Ask me anything” or “I work in a psychiatric hospital AMA” etc.  So in those threads, people comment with questions, and the author responds back.

I get a fair number of one-off questions from Daily Deac readers, and thought it might be fun to offer AMA as an option.  So if you want to play along, here goes:

“I am the Daily Deac blogger, twice over alumna, and have worked at Wake Forest for 15+ years.  Ask me anything.”

If you have things you want to ask the Daily Deac, e-mail your AMA question to and I will respond here in a future Daily Deac – provided we get enough questions and they are in good taste and suitable for a web site 🙂


— by Betsy Chapman


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