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Registration is this week.  It’s been going on for upperclassmen, and most first-years will begin tomorrow evening.  For those families who are new to the game:  please, please urge your students to check their Holds and Registration Status in WIN (under Virtual Campus).  If they have a hold (which could be an unpaid parking ticket, a fee, etc.) they MUST clear that before they are able to register.  Since registration happens after 5 pm, they need to clear all holds/make payments before 4 pm.

This is from the Registrar’s web site: “All HOLDS must be cleared prior to Registration Rounds appointment times. Check in WINfor any registration holds.  All holds must be cleared before Registration Rounds. For further instruction, please visit our Registration How-To page.  Offices such as Finance & Accounting, ZSR, etc. will NOT be available to remove holds after 4 p.m.  In addition, the Office of the University Registrar staff cannot remove a hold placed by another office.”

And if they have technical questions during Registration, here is how to access help after hours.

In other news, I spent an hour or two in Farrell Hall this morning for meetings with students and others.  That facility continues to impress.  During the time I was there, I saw students going to Einstein’s Bagels to get breakfast or coffee (and must admit, their egg and cheese bagel sandwiches smelled fantastic!).  A small number of students were hunkered down at tables with laptops or books.  That number grew as we got closer to 11 am.

You could tell when classes were changing by the sudden influx of people coming in doors and going up and down the stairs on either side of the Living Room.  The acoustics of that room are great, by the way – even with a ton of people there having individual conversations as they sit or walk through, you can still hear.  It’s not like the ‘beehive’ sound you get in Reynolda with a Green Room full of people talking.  The high ceiling really makes a difference.

At lunch I walked all across campus and around the perimeter.  It is a glorious day.  As cold as it had been over the weekend, today was mid 60s and sunny.  The fall leaves are still gorgeous, but starting to thin out as more and more drop to the ground.  The construction (or demolition, rather) at the old tennis courts is going along at a brisk pace.  They have removed a lot of the pavement and the old stadium seating is gone.  Several trees were cut down to allow for the construction, but don’t worry, the schema I saw for the outdoor view of the new building will be nicely landscaped.

The new field turf on what we call ‘Watertower Field’ across from Worrell Professional Center looks really nice.  It has good turf and lots of soccer goals and such out there.  Great way for students to work off some steam and get some exercise.

Forecast calls for us to cool off later in the week and the weekend.   Best enjoy the sun and warmth while it is here.


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