Project Civility, Registration Information, and Organic Food

There’s an activity on campus tomorrow that your students in which your students should consider taking part.  This has been organized by the Student Advising Leadership Council.  You may know that in addition to having a faculty or staff academic adviser, first-year students also have a student adviser, a specially-trained peer adivser who not only takes their advising group through various Orientation activities, but is also there as a resource to answer questions.

You can see the Student Advising Leadership Council’s message below.

“Join Student Advising and the Pro Humanitate Institute on November 12th to celebrate civility! 
This year’s summer project for new students was centered on civility.  New students were asked to read and discuss P.M. Forni’s Choosing Civility for Project Wake.  It was the vision of the Committee on Orientation and Lower Division Advising that this project would continue throughout the year through various campus events and experiences.  In an effort to do this, the Student Advising Leadership Council has partnered with the Pro Humanitate Institute to organize a campus wide banner decorating event on the theme of civility.  The event will be held on November 12th, from 10 AM – 5 PM on Manchester Plaza.  Students will be asked to write or draw what civility means to them on a large banner.  Later, the banner will be displayed on campus.  We are hoping that this will be a timely, engaging, and meaningful way to celebrate civility and what it means to Wake Forest students.  We will be holding a raffle during the event featuring copies of Choosing Civility signed by Presdient Hatch, Coach Manning, and Coach Clawson.  We look forward to seeing you there – this is your chance to express how you feel about Civility in a significant way!”

I hope your students will come out and share their thoughts about civility on this banner.  We might have differing ideas about what civility means to each of us – but we all live and work in this community and shared space.  It should be instructive for your students to see what other people think civility means at Wake Forest, and they ought to add their own voices to the conversation.  We are as strong a community as we make it – and that starts with caring, being present, participating, listening to others.  They can help shape our community and our sense of civility.

Here’s a couple of tips on Round 2 of Registration this week.

1.  Remind your students to go into WIN-Virtual Campus-Check Your Holds and Registration Status to check for any holds.  Having a hold means you cannot register until the hold is cleared; it could be a hold for an unpaid fee of some sort, etc.  Your students want to make sure that they don’t have any holds before the second round of Registration.  I told my own group to check it today, clear any holds, and then check it again the morning you register just so they don’t have an unhappy surprise 🙂

2. Registration information is available online at the Registrar’s site.  Your students hopefully know to navigate to this page, but if they don’t and they call you in a panic, at least you have it.  One key piece is the Google Mail Chat function that is available after hours.  If your student runs into a technical issue or some question, they can use this Chat option to get after hours assistance.

Finally, there is a student-run entrepreneurial venture that is piloting this week from Jake Teitelbaum (’16), a Business and Enterprise Management major.  He wrote:

“Beginning this Monday, I am conducting a pilot to see if there is sufficient demand within the WFU community for a service that would allow individuals to order local and organic foods online which will then be conveniently delivered to campus. Our website will begin taking orders on Sunday, November 9th, and food will be delivered to campus onThursday, November 13th.
In a nutshell, the idea is to make high quality local & organic foods more accessible for people like yourself who are unable to make it to the farmers market. For the trial run, we are sourcing products from Harmony Ridge Farms (it’s 20 minutes down the road on the border of Winston and Tobaccoville).
I’m working with Wake alum Isaac Oliver of Harmony Ridge Farms, to make buying high quality local and organic foods more convenient. Visit to learn more and place your order. Please share within your WFU network.”

So if your students are interested in participating in this pilot and having fresh food delivered to campus, they now have that option!





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