Impressionism Monday

It’s been a busy day for the Daily Deac.  I’m  prepping to be a moderator for the Deliberative Dialogue event tonight, and there have been several meetings and forays across campus.

So I thought today we’d do an Impressionism Daily Deac: “The term Impressionism has also been used to describe works of literature in which a few select details suffice to convey the sensory impressions of an incident or scene” (from Wikipedia).

– Cold in the morning

– Benson food court at noon – seemed like long lines for everything except Shorty’s and the Grab N Go

– Glitter Headband Girl walking on the sidewalk, silver glitter glowing in the sun.  (Rock on that you have the confidence to be that bold!)

11 3 14 construction– Construction truck near Reynolds Gym.  What had been the tennis courts looks nearly unrecognizable now.

– “Burning bush” – bushes turning red in the stadium near the track

– Warm sun closer to noon.  Jackets off but still see girls in long sleeves and scarves.  Equestrian boots aplenty.

– White and red small stop signs in crosswalks now, saying it is state law to let pedestrians cross.  SO much easier to cross streets now.

11 3 14 hawk– Hawk circling above campus, making wide swooping soars in the sky.  Terrible picture but if you zoom in you can see him.

– Hoodies.

– Water bottles in backpacks – either via carabiners or in mesh pouches.

– Big, blue sky



— by Betsy Chapman


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