Gratitude Day Results

Yesterday was Gratitude Day, where the OPCD was encouraging students to Tweet what they are grateful for (and win a chance for Chipotle! a win for everyone!).  There was also an opportunity to share what they are grateful for outside the Pit from 11 am-1 pm.  (Sadly I missed that part – Class of ’27 was home with strep so my Deac family was playing tag team parenting.)

We also invited you, our Deac families and Daily Deac readers to email in the things you are grateful for.  It was wonderful to see your responses, which I am posting below (anonymously).

Let the people speak!  Here’s what you told me.


“I am grateful for the RUF Ministry and the devotion of Kevin Teasley and service to these students all these years.” – P’17

“I am grateful that my kids are healthy, safe and make me proud every day!” – H., P’16

“My daughter’s laughter, Pumpkins and Pilgrims, a warm coat, hoop earrings, oil paint, writing, my son’s old soul, cows, fall leaves, fireplaces, my husband’s strength, Grace” – L., P’17

“I am so thankful for the warm, welcoming WFU family that has made my son’s start at WFU such a wonderful experience :)” – V., P’14

“I am grateful for the genuine empathy and caring expressed by your office for parents and students alike – it is great to know that we are all in this together!” – P’18

“I am seriously grateful for the Daily Deac. Keep it up Betsy!!” – Anonymous

“I am thankful for all the blessings I have, especially my son getting to attend WFU.  I am thankful that he studies hard and remembers to call his mom often!”  J., P’18

“I am so incredibly grateful that my daughter has the opportunity to attend Wake Forest University and be a part of a community that supports her in so many ways. I sleep better at night knowing that even though she is 2,700 miles away…. she is in a great place during these very important developmental years.” A., P’17

“We are thankful for Wake Forest  – a supportive University community that values honesty, integrity, uniqueness and spirit! Go Deacs!!!!” K&D, P’17

“I would like to share what I am thankful for during this season.  I am thankful for my family. My three wonderful children and my loving husband are the joys of my life. During this Thanksgiving season I would like to give thanks to them for being in my life. #Gratitude Day” – D., P’18

“I am so grateful for Larry Jones, campus minister and leader of the Wesley Foundation (United Methodist Campus Ministry), for the amazing energy, love, guidance,and support he shows to the Wake Forest students who are lucky enough to be a part of his programs.” – M., P’16

“I’m thankful my daughter is thriving at Wake Forest!!” – T., P’16


piglet-gratitude2And now here is my Wake Forest related Gratitude list:

I am grateful that I can write the Daily Deac every day.  It is one of the most fulfilling parts of my job, and I am thrilled whenever I get an email from one of my readers or have the chance to meet one of you in person.  I don’t know who all of you are, but I wish I did.  Your encouragement and support allows me to keep doing what I love.  THANK YOU!

I am grateful for a very special group of people on this campus that I work with regularly and for whom I have enormous respect and affection.  (You know who you are – or at least I hope you do!)  They do amazing work and give so much of themselves – and often it has to be under the radar because of confidentiality or other reasons.  I wish you could see what I see in them – how much they give of themselves for the benefit of our students and this university.

I am grateful every time a student confides a problem, or a struggle, or feels comfortable to be his or her authentic self with me.  My wish for all of our students is that they learn to be comfortable in their own skin and be the person that they are meant to be.

I am grateful for my mentors here who have helped me navigate some difficult times with grace and saved my bacon when it most desperately needed saving.  I am equally grateful for the opportunities I have been given to grow and develop and get better at what I do.

I am grateful for the Lovefeast.  And Ed Wilson, always Ed Wilson.

I am grateful that every day I get to walk on this beautiful campus and see places and memories that matter to me.  Places that remind me of when and where I fell in love, where I married, where my friends and I had long walks and meaningful talks.  Even when those people are not here now, I feel them with me and know time and distance can’t erase the ties that bind us.








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