Thursday Roundup

We’re coming close to the end of the week, and it’s going to be a cold (and rainy) one this weekend.  High of 47 predicted?  Enjoy the nice days today and tomorrow while you still can.

Project Pumpkin was yesterday, and the News Service has a great recap of it here.  I did not make it up to the Quad to see it (though I did peek on the Quad Cam when I could).

I didn’t make it to Project Pumpkin because I have been in the middle of academic advising for my group of 20 freshmen and sophomores (as have the other lower division advisers on campus).  From chatting with some of my other adviser friends, it seems like there are some common stress points and themes:  Accounting 111 seems to be on the top of many hopeful business majors’ minds; worrying about ‘do I have time to take all my basics and divisionals? (short answer – YES! you can do those plus electives and most finish before end of sophomore spring); angst about not knowing a major yet (that’s OK – we want students to have time to think and explore); and ‘what do I do with a major in X?’

That last question is a timely one, because we have a new story on the WFU home page “What Can I Do with an English Major?”  This is near and dear to me as an English major myself.  My answer when asked this is “what CAN’T you do with an English major?” – but your students should read the story and learn more.

In other news, an email recently went out to students from Residence Life and Housing about spring room changes and students returning from studying abroad this semester.  You can read the full email here, but this one section might be of particular interest to parents of juniors who are abroad:  “If you are returning from abroad and are not being pulled in by someone, living in a Theme or Greek Block, or petitioning to live off-campus, you will select housing online the week of December 15th.  If you wish to petition to live off campus when you return from abroad – whether for a medical reason or any other reason (including simply preference to live off campus) – you must fill out this form to be considered:”  Petitions should be submitted by Monday, November 3rd at 5 pm.

Finally, a reminder about your sartorial choices for tomorrow.  Every Friday is Black and Gold Friday in the Daily Deacdom – so please bring out your best WFU apparel, or just wear black and/or gold to show your support for WFU from wherever you are.


— by Betsy Chapman

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