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It was a crisp fall weekend, Deac families.  Very cool temperatures in the mornings, warming up in the afternoon to the 60s or maybe even 70, but it definitely feels like fall is coming.  Now, that’s not to say we won’t be back up to 80 by midweek as they are predicting, but at least for today and tomorrow it is low 70s and fall-like.

I was up at the center of campus at the start of the school day, and I’ll give you a few quick impressions of what I saw and heard.

– many of the students I saw walking to/from class were wearing sweatshirts or hoodies or light jackets.  There were a few people in short sleeves and shorts, and either those students are from chillier parts of the country (and our ‘cool weather’ is still ‘quite warm’ for them), or they did not check their weather app.

10 6 3– if you peeked into what had been Leighton Tennis Stadium, adjacent to Reynolds Gym, you would have seen that all the lights have been pulled down and there are big backhoes tearing up the courts.  The courts are being demolished to make way for the new two-story addition to Reynolds Gym.

– in case you missed the actual view of the backhoes, you knew they were there any time the equipment backed up, as you got the familiar-toned “BEEP! BEEP!” that comes whenever they hit Reverse.

10 6 4– the flower beds near Reynolda Hall look magnificent.  Lots of different types of flowers and tons of colors.  Over the weekend I saw frost on roofs near my neighborhood, so I am not sure how long these flowers will last before a hardier winter plant goes in those beds.

10 6 2– there are two great trees (maple, I think) near the left side of Reynolda if you are facing Reynolda from the Quad.  They turn the prettiest shades of orange and red in the fall.

10 6 5– I happened across this nice shot of the Chapel flanked by trees in the foreground.  I have no idea why the toilet paper is there.  We lost to Florida State in football over the weekend, so that clearly was not it.  It could be from an old roll too I suppose.

10 6 1– when I got back to Alumni Hall, one of my colleagues had brought out our Demon Deacon pumpkin.  If you are still the type to carve your own pumpkins and you are up for a challenge, might I humbly suggest you consider this design? 😉

Have a great week, Deac families!  And if you are the parent of a freshman, just a reminder that we do weekly messages just for you!  Visit the Information for First-Year Families page to see a weekly message that (we hope) might relate to your student’s experience.

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