Parents’ Toolkit: Deacon Development 101

Some of the upperclassmen parents may recall that last fall we rolled out an online class (MOOC – Massive Open Online Course) for Wake Forest parents and families.  The ZSR Library was a critical partner in getting the course materials aligned and organized into a weekly, self-paced online class, and the other critical partner was the many campus offices who helped provide content.

Rather than run this program as another MOOC/online class that only lasted a month or so, we thought it might be more helpful to our parents and families to have this information available at any time.  So we have migrated a lot of the most useful and relevant course content into what we are calling the Parents’ Toolkit.

The Parents’ Toolkit delves into college students’ development across the following areas: academics, wellbeing, and identity.  The articles, videos and resources in there might help inform and illustrate ways your student might grow and change across these dimensions.  We close with a video lecture from our Provost, Rogan Kersh (’86) about Gen Y or the Millennials – your students.  He is a research expert on generational studies and has some fascinating insights on today’s students (and how they differered from Gen X or the Baby Boomers).

Within each portion of the toolkit, you’ll see links to articles that might be of interest.  There’s also a section about offices on campus that support our students in this part of their WFU life.  Couple of disclaimers: the videos were originally shot to be part of a course, so you’ll hear references to ‘the course’ etc.  Just gloss over that and focus on the content of the videos.  Other disclaimer: from the time the videos were made, a couple of the offices have been renamed. so names and titles of the people you see might be different.  The main thrust of their remarks are still relevant though.

So if you want to dig in to the Parents’ Toolkit, we invite you to take a little nibble or a big bite.  As I often say, Wake Forest is a smorgasboard – taste as much as you like, but the more you dig in, the richer the experience will be.

The Parents’ Toolkit is accessible at this link, and also in the menu on the left hand side of any of the Parents’ Page or subpages.  Enjoy!



– by Betsy Chapman

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