It was a dreary weekend, particularly yesterday.  And today it is still dreary.  Not necessarily cold, but a near constant mist and you can feel the damp.  There was enough fog this morning that you could hardly see the outline of the spire of Wait Chapel from a distance.

Students are finishing up midterms and papers and projects.  I was in the Benson Center midday and student spirit seemed pretty good.  Not sure if that was because they were getting their fix of fast food, or because they were among friends, or maybe they had just aced a test or paper.  Dress was on the casual/rainy weather side, as you would expect.

Many of our students are looking forward to the 3-day weekend that is Fall Break, starting this Friday the 17th.   The weather looks bad for the next couple of days, but is supposed to improve for the weekend.  It would be nice to have a good fall break for them.

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