Tuesday Bits and Pieces

Welcome back to the Daily Deac after a long Labor Day weekend.   It’s a very hot one today, 94 degrees, and has been sunny and hot like this for days.  Accordingly, I have not taken a stroll to the center of campus.  So today we’ll bring you a few bits and pieces from the web and other places.

Your students – particularly first-years – might be interested to know that the Room Thaw request form is live now through Sunday.  Room Thaw is the process by which students can ask to change rooms, and there are details about the process at that same link.

Our Thrive kick-off is coming this Friday, and I have seen some of the visuals associated with it, and believe me they are impressive.  Your students are definitely going to want to be on the Mag Quad (aka Manchester Quad) on the south side of campus this Friday between 3-6 pm.  As we get started thinking about Thrive, one of my good friends and colleagues, Roz Tedford, director for research and instruction, and politics and international affairs liaison, Z. Smith Reynolds Library, wrote a piece on Intellectual Wellbeing.  This article has some ideas about ways our campus community can engage in intellectual wellbeing outside the classroom.  So encourage your students to come to Thrive this Friday, but also to stretch their intellectual wellbeing beyond just the scope of classes and assignments.

Coming up next week – September 12 features a Day with the Hip-Hop Fellow.  Actually there are a series of events here that look really cool – from a Hip-Hop Fellow Film Screening, to an Independent Filmmaking Lecture, to the Standards of Hip-Hop Lecture, to an Afterparty.  For students who like hip-hop music, filmmaking, and more, this is an opportunity to hear from award winning artists and filmmakers.

We just added a new video to our 2014 Orientation Resources page – this one is of New Student Convocation, which took place last Monday.  If you’d like to hear the Convocation addresses for the Class of 2018, you can find it on the Orientation Resources page.


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