The End of the Week

Friday always seems to be a happy day on campus.  Students are looking forward to having a break over the weekend and some down time.

There are some great activities this weekend.  Let’s start with sports and home games.   Men’s Soccer plays tonight at 7 pm against NC State.  Field Hockey plays at 1 pm on Sunday.  Encourage your students to go to these sporting events.  Wake is a rare and wonderful place in that our students and student-athletes live together in the same residence halls and take the same classes.  Our student-athletes are people your students probably know, or at least recognize.  It must be wonderful for the student-athletes when they see their peers and classmates coming to games to cheer them on.

There’s also fun offerings from Student Union.  Their film series features How to Train Your Dragon at 7 pm tonight.   Awake All Night is on Saturday night starting at 10 pm.

And remember that Friday afternoon or early evening is a great time to contact your Deacs and give them that subtle and gentle reminder of home.  As we’ve said in previous Daily Deacs, connection to home and family via a phone call tends to have the effect of less risky weekend behavior.

To give you a sense of campus today, it’s sort of overcast.  Not particularly hot, nor is it really cool fall weather yet.  We had a hint of cooler temperatures earlier this week and I have to admit, it felt good.  Fall at WFU is a real stunner.  We should hit the best of the fall leaves around the time of Family Weekend – usually it’s late October/early November when they are at their peak.  Here’s a couple of pictures of past falls to whet your whistle until then.

Have a great weekend, Deac families!  And hope you remembered to honor Black and Gold Friday by wearing WFU colors or gear if you can!

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