Back to Nice Temps

This started out as an extremely foggy day, but it quickly improved and the sun was not only out by 11 am, but it was downright hot if you stood outside for too long.  It is nice to have good weather again.

Fall is beginning to emerge on campus with clumps of reds and yellows appearing on trees.  We’re still probably a good 2 weeks before the colors start to get really amazing, and that is something to look forward to.  Every fall I am sure that fall is Wake’s prettiest season, and then when it comes to spring and summer, I think no, that one is the prettiest one.  It’s a good problem to have.  Basically everything but winter is pretty gorgeous.

There is a huge banner that hangs on the wall near the Manchester (aka Mag) Quad advertising flu shots.  It would be hard for your students to miss this sign – but just a reminder, Student Health has multiple options you can see here.

Some parents have been asking about Family Weekend game time.  It’s still not out – likely won’t be until 10 days before game time.  You can bookmark the Football Schedule web site, or we’ll post it when we know it.

together tuesdays 3Today at 11:50 was our Together Tuesdays, when any interested members of the campus community can come to Wait Chapel and stand for Unity and Respect.  The ranks are growing, as you can see here.  Today I saw what looked like some current students, which was nice.

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