A Beautiful Night

I had reason to be on campus lastnight from around 6 pm to maybe 7:15 or so.  There was a spectacular, amazing sunset.  A great picture of it is available on the WF Parents Facebook page.  It was just a beautiful night to be outdoors.  The sunset was gold and pink and purple and glowing, and the light was constantly changing, making the sky prettier from one moment to the next.

You see a lot at night that you don’t see in the day.  I caught the intros to the women’s field hockey game (we beat Appalachian State 3-0).  There were not a ton of folks in the stands, so urge your students to come out and support our Deacs and Coach Averill and her staff!

On the Quad, there was a sign at Zick’s advertising specials each night – some food, some activities.  There were some students sitting in the grass reading, some coming and going to dinner.  Many seemed destined for the library as well.

I suspect that it didn’t get really busy and active until well after dark.  Our students are mostly nocturnal.

Hope they enjoyed the beautiful evening.



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