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Today was a day that involved a lot of walking to and fro on campus and beyond.  Lots of good things to see.

8 6 14 field 8 6 14 kentner 8 6 14 worrellFor those of you who remember the famous line from Gone with the Wind about “the red earth of Tara,” our red clay could rival Tara’s any day.  Water Tower Field is being redone with field turf, and there is all manner of clay and gravel at the construction site.  While I was there, I took a couple of shots of the Worrell Professional Center (home of the Law School) and also Kentner Stadium.

8 6 14 wait chapelLooking from Kentner toward Alumni Hall, I love the look of the skyline and took a picture of Wait Chapel above the trees.

8 6 14 zsr 2 8 6 14 zsr 1At the ZSR Library, they are asking students to vote on new chairs (with a hilarious parenthetical that this vote is about comfort, not color).  They have a bunch of chairs in there to sit on and test.  In the background, you can see one of the Deacons on Parade Deacons.  One of my favorites actually, the Deacon decorated in the spirit of Alphonse Mucha, an Art Nouveau artist who I happen to love.

8 6 14 waterAlso at ZSR, I stopped to fill my water bottle at one of the hydration stations and was pleased to see that our ZSR patrons and staff have saved us over 63,000 plastic water bottles thanks to using refillable bottles.  Kudos to the ZSR and Office of Sustainability for helping keep Wake Forest a little greener.

8 6 14 bandWalking past Davis Field, I could see in the distance a very large scaffold that will be used by our Spirit of the Old Gold and Black band when they come back for rehearsals.  There is nothing quite like a warm August afternoon and hearing the spirited lilt of the band in full swing.

I made my way across the Quad and toward Farrell Hall.  On the side of Farrell, I saw something really poignant and special.  On one of the benches was a bouquet of sunflowers wrapped with a black ribbon.  That particular bench was donated in memory of Nick Napolitano (’10), an alumnus who passed away on this date in 2011.  The Old Gold and Black did a story on Nick’s fraternity brothers, who organized a golf tournament in his memory.

8 6 14 nick 1 8 6 14 nick 2This bouquet and bench are beautiful gestures.


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