Gearing Up

If you remember that old song about it being a “Manic Monday,” you would have had a good glimpse into what it’s like on campus right now.  I am not sure what the right adjective for Tuesday is, but somewhere in the area of ‘frenetic’ might be a good place to start.  The clock is ticking away and most of our offices are trying to get all the final tasks accomplished before the big arrival day.

8 19 14 i love ncSome of our freshmen have arrived already for Pre-Orientation programs.  I saw a bunch of upperclassmen arriving this morning as well.  They must either be RAs or Student Advisers.

As I was driving by a parking lot on the north side of campus near Polo Hall, I saw a gray car that had been bedecked with all sorts of hilarious sayings.  The car has a Texas license plate, and there was a lot of funny Texasisms on the car.  But I did have to stop and take a snap of this window.  I love the idea of this young man or woman driving back to school from Texas, advertising his or her love for WFU.  And in gold, no less.  I like to think it is gold for WFU rather than Texas, but that one might be a 50-50 toss up.

8 19 14 busesAs I got closer to Alumni Hall, I saw a huge gaggle of students all walking from Farrell Hall toward three large motorcoaches.  The students were all dressed in fairly casual athletic gear – t-shirts and sneakers and exercise shorts.  I am not sure if this is part of a Pre-Orientation program or not.

In other campus news, Campus Kitchen got its new lounge space in Kitchin Hall and from reports I have heard, it looks like a terrific space.  Encourage your students to volunteer there this fall if they are so inclined.

Finally, the Quad looks especially beautiful today.  The lawn is freshly mowed – check it out on the Quad Cam! – and it is as green and pristine as it can be.  If you bookmark this site and check it on Friday, it will be bustling with activity.




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