First Day of Classes

Classes began today, Deac families.  It’s a busy time for your students – buying books, finding class locations, getting through their course syllabi and learning what the expectations will be for the semester.

For those students who want to make changes in their schedule, the Office of Academic Advising is there as a resource.  On the main OAA page, students can look at the Open Course Report, which is posted (and updated) frequently within the first few days of class and can see where there are course openings.  Caveat of course is that this list will change as students drop and add classes, so students should check back frequently.  There’s another great item on the OAA page:  Dean Buchanan’s Top 10 List of Things that Academically Successful Students Do.  Some wise words here on how to have a good start.

President Hatch sent an email to the campus community today, welcoming students back to campus and sharing some of his thoughts.  You can read his email here.   And for the benefit of all the new parents and families that are just getting to know the Parents’ Page, any time there is an email that goes to all of campus, we post it to the main Parents’ Page news section (see center part of our main page), so you can also look for those broadcast emails there.

bistro 34 brunchI took a stroll today to the North Campus Dining Hall around lunchtime and it is already being well used.  There were lots of students sitting on the outdoor patio under umbrellas, with laptops and books.  Some were just lunching with friends and chatting.  Much of the seating indoors on the top level was in use, either with diners or folks socializing.  I had lunch in Bistro ’34, the sit down restaurant in North Dining Hall.  The salmon-quinoa salad was fresh and delicious – a really light meal.  They have a sign advertising Sunday Brunch there, which might make for a really nice treat for your Deacs.

Words can’t capture how spectacular the weather is today (yesterday as well).  It’s sunny, high 70s/low 80s, almost no humidity.   This is as close to perfect as it gets, folks.

PS – if you want a good laugh (or cry, depending on your perspective), check out Beloit College’s Mindset List for the Class of 2018.  It tells you what the country’s new freshmen have always known/never known. etc.  I suspect many of these things are big changes from our own childhoods.  The one that hurt me was “When they see wire-rimmed glasses, they think Harry Potter, not John Lennon.” 🙂

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