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The Daily Deac is out this week for one last hurrah with the Class of ’27 Deac before school begins for both of us.  So this week, we’re trying to share some hopefully useful information for the fall semester.  Today’s topic: campus dining.

Your students have a variety of dining options on campus.  For the new first-year students, they’ll have fun learning all the dining locales and figuring out what they like to eat at each of the places.

Here is a campus map listing all the dining locations for our students for the fall semester 2014.  This map does leave out one critical item, and that is the real and understood name of the main cafeteria in Reynolda Hall.  It was renamed the Fresh Food Company a number of years ago, but to students and certainly to alumni, this will always be The Pit.  No, The Pit is not named not for the quality of the food (it is about a million times better in quality than when I was here), but because of the location: the basement of Reynolda Hall.

Many of you will have a student who has a birthday that takes place during the academic year, and a frequent question we get in the Parent Programs office is whether there are any options to help them celebrate.  Campus Dining also has that covered.  They have a website called “GiftsNThings” that allows you to order care packages or other goodies.  They note on their site: “GiftsNThings (care packages from home) are a great way to let your student know you care. Look over our variety of packages and make your selection! Once you have selected the package you want to send, order online and we will take care of the rest.  Please allow 4 days advance notice when ordering cakes. GiftsNThings items are available to be picked up from Sunday through Saturday. To place an order by phone, please call 336-758-4139 between the hours of 9am and 3pm, Monday through Friday.”  You can see their offerings and order from this web site.

One of the things that your students might want to take advantage of is the low balance alert on their Food Dollars.  There is a web site that explains how students can sign up for this service.

Finally, for new students planning to come to campus for pre-orientation programs, the pre-fall semester dining schedule is online.

And remember, any time your students have dining questions, they can visit the Campusdish website for information or assistance.

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