Seen and Heard

Today I had occasion to walk all about campus, and thought I’d show you a little bit of what I saw and heard.

On the Quad:

7 21 14 campus hydrangea– close to Efird and Taylor and Huffman and Poteat we have some gorgeous hydrangea bushes – really big and thick.  This one here is just outside Davis Hall.  One solitary purple one, but it was pretty.

7 21 14 campus tour– there was a big tour group walking along the Quad.  It is overcast again today and not as beautiful as a sunny day (in my opinion), but one benefit to these visitors is that it is also cooler than a typical July day.  I listened to the tour guide for a couple of minutes and this young man appeared to be doing a great job.

7 21 14 campus flowers– these planters outside the entrance to Reynolda appear new – or newish, maybe I haven’t seen them – and they are lovely.  There are twin planters at the entrances to Benson up the main entrance stairs.


In Reynolda:

7 21 14 campus 1– some new and colorful artwork on the steps leading to the 2nd floor.  I love that we rotate student pieces as well as purchased artwork.  I neglected to get the artist info, but I really liked the look of this one.

7 21 14 campus women center– a banner (new? newish?) outside the Women’s Center.  If your female students haven’t taken advantage of some of the offerings of the Women’s Center, urge them to do so this fall.


At the ZSR library:

7 21 14 campus fire drill– a fire drill!  When I arrived, the occupants were all on their way out the door for a brief fire drill.  Evidently there is a lot of construction going on this summer and I am told there was a fire drill either yesterday or late last week.  Not sure which of them was accidental.  And yes, there was the requisite sound of alarm going off – thankfully it was short lived.

– toward the library parking lot near Luter Hall, they are removing some of the trees.  Evidently the soil can’t support the trees as close together as they are, so they are removing some in hope that the others will flourish.  No pictures of that one, but there are orderly piles of red clay where the trees were removed.


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