Important Reminders and Action Items

How is it possible that it is almost August?!?!  This summer has been speeding by for us – maybe for you as well.  Part of the reason our summer is a blur is because we go to so many New Student Receptions (I look forward to seeing our Phili area Deacs tomorrow night!)  And because I am traveling, we’ll have a couple of lighter days in the Daily Deac.

There are two big action items/important to-dos in the next few days, Deac families.

1) tuition is due August 1st.  If your student has authorized you as a third party payer on DEAC, you should have been seeing some electronic reminders of this.  If your student has not granted you third party payer access, all tuition notices will go to the student only (and we hope your student is telling you!)  Here are some instructions about how your student can sign you up.  It is every student’s personal choice of course, but I can’t tell you the number of times I have received a frantic call from a parent about their student being locked out some important process (like registration) from an unpaid bill.  You can avoid that drama if both students and at least one responsible third party viewer can see all notices on DEAC.

2) the period to either waive coverage or enroll in the Student Insurance Program is also August 1.  You must either complete this waiver or enroll in the Student Blue plan, or else the Student Blue plan will be automatically billed to you.  The SIP web site has an FAQ that answers a lot of questions you may have.

Please take care of these promptly so there are no unhappy surprises.  And as always, it is a great time to remind your students that they should be checking their WFU email account very frequently, as that is how administrators and faculty will communicate action items to them.

Looking forward to seeing you, Phili!

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