Gloomy Monday

This is one of those rare summer weeks when it is predicted to be overcast and/or rainy for several days in a row.  Normally it is hot – upper 80s, low- to mid-90s – right about now, but we are only supposed to get to the mid- to high-70s today.  It has sprinkled a little, but looks like it might open up at any minute.  Or it might just stay gray and threatening.  You just don’t know.

I went to the center part of campus today for a lunch meeting in the Benson Center.  Benson was pretty empty at 11 am.  As I had my lunch, I could see out the windows of Shorty’s to summer school classes letting out – a sudden influx of college students walking across the Manchester (Mag) Quad.  There appeared to be some sort of summer camp taking place, as there were a lot of tween-type students all in matching t-shirts doing some activity on the Mag Quad.

One of the many construction projects taking place right now is the renovation/upgrade of the salad bar area of The Pit (aka Fresh Food Company) in Reynolda Hall.   When I walked through the Pit, there was a large section hidden behind construction drywall, and I am told they are upgrading or redoing the old salad bar area.

A second very visible construction project is taking place on Water Tower Field (across from the Worrell Professional Center).  Water Tower Field, which is used by a lot of the student intramural groups, has been plowed up and is a mess of red clay right now.  We are supposedly putting down field turf there (instead of plain grass).

There is no shortage of summer college tours taking place.  I saw a big tour group this morning, and that seems fairly typical of the summer, when families are free to go on the big College Tour Roadtrip.  One major change from my time is the sheer volume of schools families look at.  Back in the Dark Ages when I was looking, most of my friends looked at 3-5 schools total.  Now it seems students are looking at as few as 7 or 8 schools and as many as 20 or more.   The times, they are a changin’, Deac families.

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