Summer Conversations

If your student is at home with you over the summer, this is a wonderful time to have some important and meaningful conversations.  One of the conversations that you might wish to have with your student is about alcohol.

Whether your student is an incoming first-year or an upperclassman, it can be an important step to talk openly and maturely about alcohol and college students.  Incoming first-year students are required to take the My Student Body alcohol online course.  We recommend parents of first-year students complete the parent section of My Student Body (instructions on how to sign up are here).

Wake Forest has a good web site called CHOICES (Cultivating Healthier Opinions In Challenging Everyday Situations) and it has a section just for parents and families about alcohol and substances.  This site will be well worth your time.  We all know there are personal health and safety issues related to college students and alcohol, as well as legal issues.  Not many of us like having tough conversations about sensitive subjects, but there can be a lot of good that comes from having a talk with your student about alcohol use, personal responsibility, your family’s values, your parental expectations.

Hopefully these tools will be helpful in that process.


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