Ordinary Yet Extraordinary

Our final good thing to look forward to during the academic year isn’t an event proper or an activity.  It’s a time of year.   An ordinary week somewhere in October most likely.  But it is extraordinary.


There is something about when fall arrives on a college campus that just feels good.  It’s that first hint of a chill in the morning.  Needing to wear a  light jacket for the first time.  The fact that Starbucks brings back Pumpkin Spice Lattes.  And the trees and the leaves.

Wake is an undeniably gorgeous campus.  And while spring is resplendent in its own way with all the flowers, fall is really a stunner.  We have so many gorgeous trees in every shade of flaming red, yellow, and orange.  When the leaves are on the trees and you can look from the Mag Patio downtown, it is breathtaking.

Fall is a time when students need to get out and take some long walks every weekend.  On campus.  To Reynolda Gardens.  Or even the short drive up to Pilot Mountain to hike.

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