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Happy Monday, Deac families!  While the Daily Deac is on vacation, we’re still bringing you good news from campus.  This week we’re looking at Things to Look Forward to in 2014-15.  Our series continues with Project Pumpkin.

Project Pumpkin is a Halloween carnival that is put on for local schoolchildren.  Around 1,000 local at-risk schoolchildren come to campus to trick-or-treat in a safe, fun environment.  Project Pumpkin is designed and led by Wake students, who organize a theme, brainstorm and staff carnival games, face painting, and more.

This is a great day on campus.  It gives our students a reason to dress up and be silly for an afternoon, and it also gives them contact with younger kids (and for those who have much younger brothers or sisters at home that they dearly miss, this is a way to have some kid time!)  Most importantly, it lets our students do for others in the spirit of our motto Pro Humanitate (for humanity).  Don’t we all feel good when we know we are making a little kid happy?

Particularly for freshmen parents, encourage your student to look for sign ups for Project Pumpkin after the semester begins.  Our new students can meet a lot of other upperclass Deacs that way.

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