This is our magic number.

Between now and the end of the fiscal year (which ends for us June 30th), we need to receipt 757 more gifts to the Wake Forest Fund to be able to meet our yearly goal of support for our students and faculty.

Normally at the Daily Deac we don’t like to talk about money, but a couple of times a year – in moments when you can really make a difference for us – we like to put out the plea.  And right now we are looking for 757 folks who have not made a gift this year to step and contribute.

If you are a parent or family member, you can help us right now – today – to close that 757 gap.  You can make a donation online at: https://secure.www.wfu.edu/giving via secure site.  Choose whichever area of the Wake Forest Fund you wish to support (many of our parents choose the general Wake Forest Fund, the Wake Forest Fund for the College, or the Wake Forest Fund for the ZSR Library), and also click the radio button to indicate this gift is part of the Parents’ Campaign.

It’s that easy.

This plea will go out to alumni as well, but I wanted to appeal to our parents and families here.   For those of you that have already given this year – we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.  If you have not given yet, please consider all the things your students are gaining here – not just an education, but access to world-class faculty (and staff!) who serve as mentors and help guide your students.  Think about the abroad program that might have shaped your student’s outlook, or the personal attention your student received from any of our campus offices (academic or otherwise), or the amazing resources your student has access to – inside and out of the classroom.

You do not have to make a million dollar gift (though I’d be lying if I said I wouldn’t be thrilled).  At this point, we are looking for 757 donors, not a specific dollar amount.  So give what you can, no matter the amount, and help us reach our donor goal.

As I say when I am writing donors to thank them – we do a lot of great things at Wake Forest, but we don’t do them alone.  We do them because of people who believe in the work we do here and choose to support us with a gift above tuition.

Thank you for your consideration – and I hope some of our Daily Deacers might be among the 757 who push us to our goal by June 30th!

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