Rain Rain Go Away

This is why we put the Commencement tent up early, for days like these.  It is a gray and stormy day, and looks like the rain will continue throughout the day.

As you can imagine before a massive event like Commencement, the whole campus is all-hands-on-deck for the preparations.  So the Daily Deac will be very light this week.

The set of pictures below span two different days: yesterday afternoon, when it was glorious, and this morning right before the rains came.   This morning the Quad was all full of the big stacks of 200+ chairs and those were being moved on trucks to locations across the bricks.   Parking lots are roped off to allow all the deliveries and the equipment.  This is a major operation.

For all of you at home, please begin all supplications for the ideal weather – low 70s, sunny, warm with gentle breezes.  There is no better Commencement weather than that.

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