Glorious, Glorious Day

Today is a spectacularly glorious day on campus.  Temps in the 60s, sunny and mild, light breeze.

I took a walk at lunchtime through the north side of campus (near Farrell and the new North Dining Hall), past Student Apartments, behind the Byrum Center and all the way up to Reynolda Gardens.  It could not have been prettier.

Along the way, here is what I noticed:

– several groups of runners or walkers, all students, most of whom had on earbuds

– three crazy cats that were chasing each other in the parking lot near the walkway to Reynolda Gardens

– lots of new blooms on trees.  I am not good with botany, but the flowers are a fuschia color

– recent work on the flower beds in Reynolda Gardens, so we can expect some magnificent blooms in the weeks to come

– a handful of people who were either visiting Reynolda House or Reynolda Gardens during their lunch hours, all of whom looked delighted to be enjoying such a nice day

– a section of field near Reynolda House (between the house and the gate to Reynolda Road) that looked like a carpet of daffodils.  Solid stretch of nothing but daffodils blooming, so pretty

If your students are not getting out every day and taking  a walk around campus, urge them to do so whenever the weather is nice.  If they aren’t yet familiar with all the nooks and crannies around campus, spring is definitely the time to do it.

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