Events After Spring Break

If your students are looking for things to do the week they get back from Spring Break, there are a plethora of options on the Events Calendar.  Lectures, sporting events, Student Union ‘short courses’ and more.

I want to draw your students’ attention to one of the events, and that is “The Big Disruption – the Coming Transformation of Higher Education.”  There is more information on the Big Disruption website, but I would submit to your students that this is a great opportunity to hear from campus leaders and alumni who are nationally-recognized experts in higher education.

College has changed from yours and my days, Deac families.  There seem to me to be so many more campus life offerings and and development opportunities for our students than there were during my own days knocking about Wake Forest as an undergrad.  And I suspect that the institution of college will need to change and innovate and be more nimble and flexible, to borrow words from President Hatch.

Your students are in the thick of it right now as college students.  This is a chance to have them hear more about what might be ahead by the time their children go to college.

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