Spring? And Senior Orations

This weekend we had our first hints of spring.  The weather was sunny and warm and beautiful.  It was the kind of weekend where it was not ridiculously warm, but if you sat outside in the sun for a while you might begin to feel a hint of sunburn on your cheeks or arms.   On campus you could see the shoots of daffodils beginning to pop up, and the pink blooms of the cherry trees are starting to hint at opening.

Spring at Wake is a glorious thing.  And after all the cold and grey and snow and winter, I think the campus is eager for it.  Unfortunately, today it feels cold, and it looks like the 60s we felt over the weekend are going to evaporate later this week.

Wake celebrated a milestone last Thursday, and that was Founders’ Day Convocation, recognizing our 180th year of existence as an institution of higher education.  Each year, three students are selected to deliver an oration on Founders’ Day that addresses how they have changed during their four years at Wake Forest.

The winners of the 2013 Senior Orations Competition are:

These are excellent orations and well worth a read.  They provide unique and compelling perspectives, and we congratulate these three young men for their fine work.  We’ll also be running some of the other Senior Oration Finalists in coming days at the Daily Deac.

Founders’ Day also is the time when many faculty awards are given – and you can see some of those winning faculty members here.

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