Friday at Zick’s

20130820zicks10354I had a meeting on Friday afternoon at Zick’s, the on-campus pizza/pool/pub spot.  As we sometimes do at the Daily Deac, here is an impressionistic view of the 20ish minutes I had to peoplewatch and observe.

I see:

– One student at a the high bar by the windows, studying.  Though there were tall chairs there, he was standing up doing his reading.  He was wearing a white hat with what looked like the Wake name on it.

– Both pool tables are in use.  Two groups of two male students, casually dressed.

– Out the window,  there is a group of students mid-Quad who are filming something.  A blonde girl and a dark haired guy appear to be the crew, and the girl appears to be the one in charge.  There are three guys in North Face jackets and decent khaki type pants who are the subjects of the film.  [During the time I am there, the three guys leave and the girl and guy crew move the camera to a couple of different spots on the Quad to get B-roll.]

– Lots of good fashion peoplewatching.  There is a young man in a navy peacoat, and I find myself wishing for more peacoats on campus.  Really a style that suits almost anyone.  Girls – not surprisingly – are sporting a lot of tall boots, but I see the occasional short boot.  It’s still cold enough where some girls are wearing scarves, but they are loosely tied – more for fashion than warmth.

– Dogs.  During my time I saw what looked like a mother and elementary school son walking an adult German Shepherd and a small black puppy (a lab?)  Also saw a female student walking a dog that looked like a Bichon Frise.

– Three TVs in Zicks, all tuned in to sports stations (2 ESPN variations and a CBS Sports).  I am surprised the Sochi Olympics are nowhere to be seen.

– Sunlight.  It’s weak, as there are thin, stringy clouds in the sky.  Still, after all this cold weather, I’ll take the sun any way I can get it.

– Sudden bursts of people as it gets closer to 1:55 after 1:00 classes ended.  The traffic picks up for a few minutes then dissipates.

– A young woman enters with a to-go green recyclable Pit container.  She sits at the high bar, puts her head on the container, and appears to fall asleep.


I hear:

– Piped in music.  My Shazam app tells me that one of the songs is Shakira’s “Can’t Remember to Forget You” (featuring Rihanna).  The musical choices are largely peppy and upbeat.

– An overheard conversation that had kind of a grad-school feel to it.  A guy and a girl speaking, and they were covering subjects that seemed more academic and mature than the typical Friday afternoon visit.

– From a distance, the chatter of the staff working at Zick’s in the kitchen/ordering area.  Generally it’s pretty quiet.

– An enthusiastically loud “Que Tal?” in Spanish as a new group of students comes in and spots people they know.  They slide into a booth.

– The sharp crack! of the cue ball as one of the pool playing groups breaks.  Followed by softer, more subtle finesse strikes as they try to sink the balls.


I smell:

– Pizza.  It is not an overwhelming greasy smell, more an appealing and faint whiff of pizza dough.

– Cool fresh air as the front door opens and people walk in or out.


I feel:

– Smooth table surface, dotted with a few crumbs I brush off before my meeting guests arrive.

– Quick, cold bursts of wind as the doors open and close.


I taste:

– Regrettably, nothing.  It was a post-lunch meeting.  I can say, though, the pizza smelled really good.


That’s the view from the afternoon.  Hope you enjoyed it.

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