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Today’s Daily Deac is guest authored by David Taylor, Director of Global Abroad Programs (with some collaboration from students and colleagues).

But before we get to David’s comments about the Flow House, let me add mine.  I have a niece who studied there in the early 2000s and she said it was one of the most phenomenal experiences she had at Wake.  (My elderly mom traveled over to Vienna to see her and said the Flow House and the surrounding neighborhoods were magnificent.)   I also know a faculty family who spent a semester there teaching Wake Forest students and to hear them talk about the bonds they formed with their students and the fun they had – well, it is nothing short of extraordinary.

Again, studying abroad is but one part of Wake’s rich buffet of experiences.  Going to the Flow House could be the very schnitzel at the buffet that could transform your Deac!


2 26 14 vienna 1Wiener Mélange photo collage created by WFU student John Henry who recently studied at the Vienna Flow House. He described his photos thusly, “Vienna is the coffee capital of the world, and its signature drink is the Wiener Mélange. There is a coffee shop on every single street corner, and as a coffee addict myself, I visited just about every single one of them.”


With mid-terms rapidly approaching and student coffee consumption increasing, it makes us think fondly of the Viennese coffee house. And as central as the coffee house is to today’s U.S. student culture, it’s a whole new experience in Austria where art, literature, history, business, politics and culture are all on the menu….

2 26 14 vienna 2Applications are currently being accepted for fall 2014 at Flow House in Vienna. Encourage your students to consider spending a semester in one of Europe’s most vibrant cities. In addition to experiencing the rich and varied cultural heritage of Wien, your student will study under the tutelage of Dr. Michael Hughes of the History Department. Dr. Hughes will teach two history courses taking students from the formation of the Habsburg Empire through Fin-de-Siecle Vienna. These courses will fulfill both major and divisional credit. Your student can also satisfy his/her fine arts divisional with a wonderful course on Austrian art and architecture. And for students interested in business studies, a BEM courses on comparative management will be offered as well. Like any good coffee house, there’s a little something for every taste!

2 26 14 vienna 3As many of you may know, Flow House is one of our premier WFU abroad properties and is located just one block from the Turkenschanz Park in the prestigious 19th district – an area well known for its embassies, diplomatic residences and distinguished private homes.  The house accommodates 16 students featuring five bedrooms, library, wireless internet, dining room and living room.

The upcoming semester will feature walking tours throughout Vienna, outings to musical performances and museums, a cooking lesson where the students make schnitzel, requisite trips to the local coffee houses, and a ten-day fall break (perfect time for families to visit).

2 26 14 vienna 4When the autumn begins, students can attend Almabtrieb Festival where farmers dress up their cow herds and return them form the Alpine Pastures. The festival is celebrated with music, dancing, and naturally, cows in headdresses and flowers.  As students complete their semester in Vienna, they will experience the magical Christmas Markets lighting up the city before they return home to you.

Find the application and learn more at the Study Abroad website for the Flow House. Contact Jessica Francis (francija@nullwfu.edu) in the Center for Global Programs and Studies with any questions.



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