Winter Weather Today(?), Career Fair Tomorrow

Winter can sometimes be a crazy season in North Carolina.  Yesterday our low was around freezing and the high was 60 degrees.  Today there is a winter weather advisory.   As I was driving in this morning, I saw a young man walking to Farrell Hall in just a fleece jacket – which would have been fine had today’s weather been like yesterday’s.  But it is starting out cold today and is going to get colder as the day goes by.

From the Weather Channel’s forecast, it looks like we have a chance of a rain/snow mix during the midday, turning more to snow later in the evening.  But again, these things are not always easy to predict, so we’ll have to wait and see.   The extended forecast calls for several very cold days.

In the event there is bad weather, how are students notified of changes to the University’s schedule, you ask?  We notify in multiple ways (see the list here).   And if you just want to check in every now and again and see what the weather is doing, you can check out the Quad Cam.

Looking ahead to tomorrow, there is going to be a Career Fair in the Benson University Center tomorrow from 12:00-4:00 p.m.  A colleague of mine had emailed me about the Career Fair and said that this will be the first career fair where students can use the Wake Forest Career Fair + app  (links are on this website).  This is a really cool app, as it shows every recruiter coming , a brief description of the employer, and a map of the fair so students can plan out their visit to the fair.  It even has tips on how to dress the part and how to make a good first impression.  Your students can download the app and check it out.





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