They’re Back!

They’re back, finally!  Our students have returned, with a few still trickling in, for the spring semester.  Classes officially kick off tomorrow (Tuesday, January14th).  So today is a final day for your students to catch up with friends they missed over break, try to make last-minute juggling in their schedules, and look to the future.

We’re welcoming back 300+ students who had studied abroad in the fall.  Reentry into campus life following a semester abroad can be a tricky experience, mostly from a worldview perspective.  For so many of our students (myself included), the semester abroad experience helps open their eyes to the fact that the world is a much bigger place than they had ever realized, and some of the things that used to seem like big deals turned out not to be in the grand scheme of things.  You just have a new perspective after a semester abroad.  Those students may lament the fact that they are not just a trainride away from different countries, or don’t have access to the same caliber of museums and historical sites, or even just the cafes and local delicacies they came to love abroad.  And they are likely also to be happy to have some of the comforts of Wake back again.

Although it is January 13th, because it is the start of the new semester, we ran a message for first-year families about “Goals for the New Year.”  Even if your student is a sophomore, a junior, or a senior, these ideas might be worth reading.

Welcome back, students!

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