Sunny Monday

It’s a new week and a sunny one, and at last the weather is warm enough that you don’t need your heaviest winter coat.  After so much cold, it is a refreshing change to be able to skip wearing a scarf, or wear a fleece or a hoodie outside and not freeze.  I was walking across campus earlier today and if you move at a good clip, your winter coat alm0st feels too warm – but if you stop and let the wind get to you, you get cold again.

The Quad trees were littered with the remnants of a recent rolling – which I assume might have come after the men’s basketball victory over Notre Dame on Saturday afternoon.  There was a fairly steady breeze while I was up there, and the toilet paper was in a constant flutter.

Most of the students I observed on the Quad seemed pretty chipper for a Monday.  I could overhear several conversations by passersby and while I couldn’t hear the exact content, the tone seemed upbeat and happy.  I don’t know if that can be attributed to the fact that we are seeing some genuine sunlight and warmth after what felt like endless gray days, but that seems a reasonable enough explanation.  We are set to go back to very cold tomorrow with the chance of snow – though it looks like the worst of the snow will be east of us.  Take a look at the five day forecast.

In other news, Wake Forest got some nice exposure in The Wall Street Journal.  In an article entitled “Liberal Arts Salaries are a Marathon, Not A Sprint“, Wake Forest’s own Katherine Brooks, Executive Director of Personal and Career Development, is quoted.    It’s worth a read.

Here are a few shots of the Quad and the recent roll.

1 27 14 quad 2 1 27 14 quad 3 1 27 14 quad 1

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