Empty.  That is the only word to say it.  Campus feels empty without your students.  And beyond the temporary joy that comes from magnificently easy parking now that everyone is gone, it feels a lot less lively without the students.  So I am cheering myself up in Alumni Hall by listening to a Frank Sinatra Christmas.

So – what happens while your students are home on break?  Right now the faculty are scrambling to finish grading finals (they are due tomorrow at noon).  The Z. Smith Reynolds Library is getting a new entryway floor.  Residence Halls are being inspected and any needed maintenance done.  Work continues on the new dining commons, though the Starbucks opened early (I have not tried it but heard good reports).  Many of the administrative offices on campus are business-as-usual, trying to finish up work before the university closes.  We will officially be closed December 23-27.

We hope you are enjoying the break with your Deacs.  And many thanks to those of you who have sent our office good wishes and cards this holiday season.  We are happy to be part of your Wake Forest experience and wish you all the best at the holidays.


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