Friday at Farrell

Thought it might be fun to take a stroll over to Farrell Hall on this cool and sunny Friday and see what it was like midday.  Here are some observations in the “five senses” model.

I smell [I had to make smell first, because it was the first thing I noticed when I opened the door.]

  • Soup.  Delicious, hearty, cold weather soup.  As I got closer to Einstein’s bagels, I could see from their sign they had some sort of chili.
  • Hazelnut coffee (also at Einsteins).  Smelled freshly brewed and delicious.

I hear

  • Shockingly little, considering this is the Living Room of Farrell and traditionally this is like a beehive of activity.  A lot of our business students don’t have class on Friday, so the relative quiet of Farrell was startling.  But what I do hear is…
  • The beeping of microwaves at Einstein’s bagels preparing peoples’ lunches.
  • The rustling of newspapers.  The Farrell Hall student crowd tends to be avid readers of the Wall Street Journal, and you could hear some of the papers shuffling in the quiet.

I see

  • Nearly all the tables filled in the Living Room.  Many of them were students, some staff and faculty.
  • Lots of open laptops on the student tables.
  • A student with very large earphones (not buds).  If you watched the summer Olympics, these looked like the kind Michael Phelps wore.  There is a proper name for them I am sure but I am not hip enough to know it.
  • Empty arm chairs and wing chairs.  If you were not able to snag a table, you at least had these options available.
  • An advertisement for Dawn with the Dean on the large screen monitors.  Dean Reinemund is an avid runner and he has a group (open to all) that runs together at like 6:20 in the morning.

I taste

  • A deliciously toasted Einstein’s bagel


I can only really give you 4 of the 5 senses – nothing particular to touch.  But if your students are looking for an easy day to lunch at Farrell, Friday appears to be it.  And as a reminder, since it is Friday – call your students.  Helps spur them to less-risky behavior, even if you don’y specifically mention alcohol.

Have a great weekend!


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