Hit the Bricks: You Can Be There with the Quad Cam

20111006bricks3846Hit the Bricks, our major campus event that pits teams of runners (and walkers) in a day-long relay race to raise funds for cancer research, will begin on Thursday at 11 am on the Quad.

This is such a fun day – one of the best all year.  And thanks to the technology that is Quad Cam, you will have the opportunity to have a bird’s eye view of the action.  While the Quad Cam can’t show you an up close and personal look at the runners, the view of the Quad is such that you should be able to get a good look, particularly in the top right corner of the screen, near Poteat and Huffman halls, to see runners going by during each lap.

Now, the staff of the Daily Deac would never tell you not to focus on your official job’s work while you are at your desk…but if you are at work and take the occasional break to check in on the Quad Cam and see how Hit the Bricks is going, or decide to check it out at lunchtime, that wouldn’t be so wrong, would it?

Hit the Bricks – 11 am-7 pm Eastern this Thursday.  Catch it on the Quad Cam, and tell your students if they are not participating, they ought to go up and watch for a while.

A great day. A great cause.

Go Deacs!


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