A Beautiful Start to the Week

The weather here has been absolutely glorious.  It is starting to really feel like fall – highs in the mid 70s, sunny, the trees are starting to have a hint of color.  There is virtually nothing to be improved upon.  Hopefully your students are not so tied to homework and studying on the weekends that they can’t take an hour or two and go outside for a long walk, or long run, or just to sit amid the sun and the trees and the wonderful soft green grass on the Quad.

This morning there was a spectacular sunrise.  The sky is filled with tiny white clouds.  The sky was pink, orange, and purple.  It literally took your breath away.  This was in the 6:45 range, so unless your Deacs are some of the very early runners who are out and about, I bet they missed it.  Pity.  It was really something.

20110829chapel8505C48F1630These are not photos from this morning, but this is the same kind of sky.  If you could combine the two images – the clouds of the one, the pink of the other – that’s what you would have seen.

Everyone, keep your fingers crossed that this weather continues through the week, since (we hope) a lot of you will be arriving on Friday for Family Weekend.  And be sure to bring your WFU apparel for the football game.  The truly stylish will be wearing black and gold!

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