13 Days

In just 13 days, our WFU Class of 2017 will be arriving en masse to campus for Move-In Day.  As you might imagine, things are hurry-scurry here as we get ready to greet them.  Lots of the final work is being done on various projects – both physical construction as well as projects for your students once they arrive.  It is an exciting time.

Today is Friday, and we like to encourage our Deac families to make smart sartorial choices every Friday.  We like to call them “Black and Gold Fridays” and we hope that wherever you are, you are sporting a little bit of black and/or gold in your wardrobe.  If you can wear official WFU shirts or hats, etc., even better.  I like to imagine all our faithful readers (on campus and off) showing some school spirit every Friday.

Today is also beastly hot here at Mother So Dear (for those new WFU ’17 families, the reason we refer to Wake as  ‘Mother So Dear’ is because of our Alma Mater, “Dear Old Wake Forest“).  The temperature is up, as is the humidity.  We are hoping for a nice cool front to roll in 12 days from now so it is a lot more temperate for Move-In.

8 9 13 quad v4I was up on the Quad at lunchtime and took this picture.  It is a stunningly beautiful, sunny day.  If there is a prettier campus out there, I don’t know how.


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