Summer School and Registration

The first session of summer school is coming to a close, with finals taking place now.  Summer school is always a rigorous affair, because you are digesting a semester’s worth of material in about half the time.  But there are distinct advantages too – as a student, you have the ability to focus fully on a subject, away from all the distractions of a campus full of students during a regular semester.  So good luck to our summer school session 1 students – hope you do wonderfully on your finals.

For our incoming freshmen (or first-year students as we often call them), they will begin registering for up to 8 credit hours of their fall classes next week (July 8-12).  The Parent Programs office has received several calls and emails about registration and advice in recent days.  If you have questions about what your new student should be doing, here are a few resources that might be helpful:

Registration overview from the New Students web site as well as Registration FAQs.  For students considering a possible future in a professional program (pre-health, pre-business, etc.) please be sure to look at the Pre-Professional Advising site.

Advising section of the New Students web site – which includes links on how to Google chat with student advisers next week and how to talk to the Office of Academic Advising

Advice for new parents – there is a section on registration as well as general advice

A final word on advice for those new students who are about to register:  try to relax.  At the start of your WFU career, you will have to fulfill a lot of basic and divisional requirements, and there are many, many classes that count towards those ends.  A liberal arts education is about experiencing the wide smorgasbord of subjects – so enjoy the journey and you may just find you discover new academic passions!


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