Summer, At Last

Normally when you get to early or mid-July in North Carolina, it is sunny, hot, and humid every day.  Like much of the country, we had an extremely wet end of June/beginning of July – so much so that many of us despaired of ever seeing the sun again.  But it is back, and it is hot.  Like low 90s hot.  But there is sun, and that alone is reason to celebrate.

We are inching ever closer to the completion of Farrell Hall, our new business building.  The construction teams are finishing the last of the jobs, both internal and external.  Brick sidewalks are  being laid and you can see the beginning of landscaping to pretty up the exterior.  When the upperclassmen arrive in August, prepare for their minds to be blown.  They left campus in May with the structure up, but still a great deal of chaos on the outside.  From everything I am hearing, this facility is going to be incredible.

Happily, it will be used by more than just our business students, as our new University Recruiting Center will be inside.  So even if your student is not a business major, he or she can do interviews there, or enjoy some of the amenities inside.  It will be grand.


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