Pre-Orientation Programs

We are just shy of one week from the 7/15 application deadline for some of our Pre-Orientation programs (SPARC and Deacon Camp) and for the Pre-School Retreat, the application extends to 7/31.  I have heard from some colleagues in Campus Life, who sponsor these Pre-Orientation programs, and there are still spaces available for these programs.  If you are the parent of a new student in the Class of 2017 and your student has not yet considered one of these programs, we urge him or her to think about participating.

These pre-orientation programs help students ease in gently to the beginning of their first year in college.  Students who participate get to move in to their residence halls a few days earlier than the rest of the Class of 2017, and more importantly they are guided through a series of experiences in a smaller group setting, which helps them meet people and make friends who share a common interest – whether that is in spirituality or service, or the love of being a Demon Deacon.

I did not participate in a pre-orientation program during my move-in process, and in retrospect I wish I had.  It would have considerably broadened my social network so that I had a social group outside my immediate roommate and hallmates.   It also would have introduced me to staff members who could help serve as mentors during those first few days and weeks of college.

One of the things your students will – I hope – discover at Wake Forest, is that there are so many ways to get involved, and so many activities and options.  The students who get involved in activities and programs tend to have smoother college transitions.  So my advice is eat heartily at the vast smorgasboard that is college – try new things, explore, push yourself.  Pre-orientation programs are a great way to begin that even before college officially starts!

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