Less Than a Month to Go Now

We are now officially on the countdown to the Class of 2017 arriving.  It seems like the summer has flown by in a blur of construction trucks, landscaping, summer camps, and large campus tours by visiting prospective students and families.  What has been going on while your students are home this summer, and what do they have to look forward to when they move in?

Farrell Hall is completed – in fact, they already have classes going on inside.  Every new building is fun to explore – so your students can come and marvel at what will undoubtedly be a centerpiece of the north campus.

Dogwood and Magnolia residence halls will be completed – having toured these two new facilities, your upperclassmen fortunate enough to live there are in for some very, very nice digs

The Post Office is now in Benson University Center – in the basement level beneath the food court.  Freshmen parents, send lots of care packages the first year!

Poteat Hall will now have a new dining venue.  I have not seen it up close yet, but hear it is of the ‘pizza and wings’ variety.

There will be other, less noticeable improvements to classrooms and residence halls as well.

We look forward to having your students back on campus!

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