101 Things We Love About Wake Forest

101 thingsI hope that when your Wake Forest Magazine arrives in your mailbox that your habit is to pick it up and read it.  If that isn’t your normal custom, I would urge you to break tradition and read the whole thing this time.

My talented colleagues in the Wake Forest Magazine area have put together a summer issue called 101 Things We Love About Wake Forest, and for alumni, students, or parents, it paints a wonderful picture of some of the parts of the Wake Forest experience that are the most special, most treasured, most quintessentially Wake Forest.

As you read through it, I wonder how many of those 100 things are familiar to parents and families, and how many of them might be new and unknown.  This could be a great primer to dig into the history and culture of your student’s school.

Remember, our unofficial slogan is that we don’t just accept our students for admission, we also include their parents and families in the larger Wake Forest family!  So embrace these 100 things, enjoy them.  And if you don’t know what “The Shot” is – you will now, and will be forever fluent in the Wake Forest parlance.  (Hint: one of our Best Sports Moments Ever Ever Ever).

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