Classes End. Now What?

Today is the last day of classes.  Which means our students are kicking it into high gear to get ready for final exams and for departing for the Winter break.  What are some things they should be thinking about and doing?

– Turning in all final papers and projects (on time) – or communicating with professors if something is not going to be turned in on time.

– Making a plan to study for finals, using good time management strategies.  Is cramming for 12 straight hours the best strategy?  Or should you study 3 hours a day for the following 4 days just so you don’t burn out?  Students have to make the right choice for themselves.

– Using common sense when studying in public places such as the library.  The library posted this on their Facebook page yesterday, but it applies to any public space: “During this heavy use time PLEASE do not leave your valuables unattended around the library. Thefts tend to go up in the last two weeks of the semester. Now would NOT be a good time to have your phone, textbooks or laptop stolen.”

– Getting enough sleep and eating well.  Many students won’t, but they really need to be sure to be properly rested and to be sure to eat healthily (and regularly) to keep their bodies and minds nourished adequately.  And in cold and flu season, it is wise to frequently wash your hands, use hand sanitizer, etc.

– Ensuring they know (and comply with) any requirements for leaving their residence hall rooms for Winter Break.

– Finding ways to responsibly manage any stress they feel.  Here are some tips from our Intern C, but know that the staff of the Counseling Center, Chaplain’s Office, and RAs are there to assist as well.

– Remembering to do their very best – and then let it go.  If your students study as hard as they can and prepare as productively as possible, that’s all they can ask of themselves.

– Finding moments of humor, peace, lightness, kindness.  It could be an act of service for someone in need (Angel Tree in Benson Center, etc.), it could be paying a student a compliment on this wonderful new Facebook page called Wake Forest Compliments, where students anonymously say something kind about each other – really a beautiful thing to see – or sharing a joke or funny photo to lighten the mood.  This one has been making its way across the internet.

And as parents and family members, you can support your students during Finals Week with small acts of kindness and love.  In your family that could be a card, or a text, or a phone call to encourage your student, or a kind and listening ear to hear them when they are stressed.  You’ll know the right thing to do.  But let your students know you love them and support them.  Most could use that reassurance right now.

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