A Short Break for the Daily Deac

Many thanks to all our faithful readers of the Daily Deac.  It’s our pleasure to bring you a glimpse of life on campus each weekday.

Our colleagues who work on the technical side of all the WFU websites have been doing server migrations on various WFU web pages, and it’s our turn to move The Parents’ Page.  Because of the need to migrate all our website as cleanly as possible, we need to take a temporary hiatus from December 13-17 so the tech folks can do their thing.  Accordingly, we’ll have no new Daily Deacs, new parent news, etc. until our part of the migration is finished, which we’re told will be December 18th.  (Of course, if any urgent news happened, be assured that our tech team would update the site so you are informed.)  You should not notice any major changes to our site; most of the work being done is all on the back end, tech side.

What we normally would have blogged about on December 13th and 14th would be the state of campus as finals conclude.  We’d probably talk about Wake the Library, and how busy Starbucks is, and how many students who are normally dressed well every day are wearing sweatpants and 3 days worth of stubble (the men, of course).  We’d see a lot of students packing up for the semester, hugging and kissing their friends and significant others goodbye for the next several weeks.  And we’d see less of our faculty colleagues, who would be busy trying to grade final papers and exams and turn in the grades on time.  Even though we can’t report on a day-by-day basis during server migration, it’s a pretty safe bet that’s what we’d see.

We hope you will  come back to the Daily Deac on December 18th when we will resume publishing.  By then, your students will be home, likely with a mountain of laundry, the appetite of an offensive line, and a need for 15 hours of uninterrupted sleep upon arrival.  We hope you have a wonderful Winter Break with them.  We will miss them!

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