Some Suggestions for Fall Break

If your student is coming home for Fall Break, or if he/she is bringing home friends too, here are a few suggestions of things to consider.

They will eat.  A lot.  And will appreciate anything homemade.  Think about your student’s favorite foods, and double the recipe.

Cook some things they can bring back to school with them.  Chocolate chip cookies, brownies, other favorite sweets or savories.

They will sleep.  A lot.  Let them – they are tired after midterms and probably need the rest.

Most of them live very nocturnal lives in college, so don’t be shocked if they want to get up at noon and don’t want to go to bed until 2 am.

They may bring home a mountain of laundry.  Be kind about it : )

You may find your male student with a few days stubble, or hair that looks longer and stragglier than it was before.  Or you may find your daughter seems to be dressing differently, or looks a bit heavier/lighter than before.  Resist the urge to comment.   You – and they – will both be happier.

If there are family traditions you always used to do in the fall, ask your student if he/she wants to do those again.  Some students may wish to do some of the same things as before, some may not.

Try to have some good talks with them.  Nothing pressuring about grades or midterms, but ask them what has been going well, what they like best about the semester, things they are happy about.

Hugs.  Lots of hugs.  And tell them you love them.

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