The Ghost of Farrell Hall

I drove onto campus this morning, and Farrell Hall, which had been a vivid canary yellow on its exterior, has now gotten a layer of a much more muted tan covering.  I assume it is some layer of construction material that goes on before the exterior.

There are giant sheets of clear plastic hanging down from the Farrell Hall roof covering this new tan layer.  There was a slight breeze this morning, and the layers of plastic were waving gently in the breeze, looking rather like wisps of a ghost’s clothing, or the way Spanish moss waves in the wind among very old oaks.

Here’s a picture of the facade.  It may only look ghostly to me because it is sort of a gray morning here.

You can perhaps also see in the foreground that they are reworking the sidewalks from the Polo Road entrance nearing the University Services building.  The parking lot (not seen in the picture) is being torn up and fixed in some way, and they are doing a similar thing in the “chapel west” parking lot behind the chapel nearest Scales Fine Arts Center.  Maybe the biggest buzz in terms of residence hall activity is that the bathrooms of Babcock have been redone this summer, and they have supposedly also gotten a new elevator.  For those new students moving into Babcock in a few weeks, new bathrooms are a huge plus!

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