Young Alumni Event in NYC (Current Students Welcome, Too!)

One way parents can help Wake Forest is to encourage your students to stay in touch with the University and be involved in its programs in the years after graduation.  We have a wonderful, robust Alumni Office and they host programs and events all over the country via the Wake Forest Clubs program.  (The WF Clubs are not just for alumni, by the way – parents are encouraged to attend Club events to which they are invited!)

When our students graduate and settle into their first job or the first place they’ll live, they should look up their local WF Club and get involved.  Young people add a tremendous amount of dynamism to our club events, and they can build a terrific network in their new home areas by finding other Wake Foresters there (of all ages).

We have a program coming up on the 12th of July in New York City for young alumni. The evening will feature a panel discussion of young alums from various industries including real estate, PR/marketing, sales/advertising, and finance. Recent graduatess and current students can attend for free (alumni who graduated in the past 10 years (young alums) will register and pay $15; and more mature alumni will be charged $25).

If you have a current student or graduate in NYC – or if you live there and want to participate – please register, we’d love to have you there!  For questions about the event, please email

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