The Best of Wake Forest

Our beautiful spring continues.  Yesterday I had to make several trips from my building to the center of campus.  It was a gorgeous warm and sunny day, virtually impossible to improve upon.

When I reached the Quad, I saw that on the edge of the grass nearest Reynolda and Kitchin, there was a large circle of people sitting together, clearly a class.  I do not know which class it was, but everyone was there together in the grass sitting very peacefully.  There were other people smattered across the Quad grass in other places: a young woman close to the bookstore spread out on a blanket reading a book, people sitting on the teak chairs, or the half walls near the central entrances to the Quad.

I descended the stairs closest to Davis and Benson, and at the first fraternity lounge there were four or five students sitting out on a couch in their quasi-courtyard/lounge entrance.  They all wore the same relaxed and happy face.  Surrounded by friends, great weather, wonderful to be young and full of energy.

I crossed all the way to the Porter B. Byrum Welcome Center and then after my meeting made my way back by Scales.  There were some lovely flowers – tulips for sure, perhaps pansies as well – and I also saw a student sitting on one of the swings in the giant trees near Scales.  She was just sitting there, with a book.  I took a quick picture from behind so as not to disturb her.

When I made it back to the Quad, the class was still in session, but this time the professor had a portable white board there and was gesturing toward it.  I did not go up to see which class it was.

At the end of the day, there were a good number of students on Poteat field, which is where our students do a lot of intramurals and club sports.  There was a group playing frisbee and laughing loudly, and another group getting started with something (I was a little too far away to see).  It was a lot of young men with shirts off enjoying the sunshine and the warmth.

Perhaps at the end of a day of classes, there is nothing better than blowing off some steam with friends, getting some exercise, laughing like crazy.  I don’t want to tell the students that all too soon their time to romp and play will be over and they will be off to the next step in their lives – work, family, responsibilities.  They will find that out soon enough.  I hope they cherish every moment they have at Wake Forest and drink in as many experiences like this as they can.

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