South Campus Documentary Film Series

Our first year students all live on the south side of campus.  That’s an intentional placement on our part, because it puts the entire class in the same geographic area where they can learn to live communally together and everyone is at the same basic point in their college career (vs. having a first year student living in a suite with all juniors and seniors).

During the first year, we hope students spend time with their hallmates and other friends, pondering some of life’s big questions, learning from other people with different backgrounds and perspectives, and finding their own opinions as well.

The South Campus Hall Councils are doing their part to help provide programming for our South Campus residents.  They have planned a collaborative documentary series.  “Doc Sunday” takes place every Sunday in one of the residence halls through April 15th.  Refreshments are provided and discussion is encouraged.   There are some edgy films in here, which will ensure that there will be discussion.  See the South Campus Documentary Series flier for more info.

Please note that ALL students are welcome to attend – this is not just for the residents of the hosting residence hall or for first year students only.

Would this be something your student might like to do?

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